Ali and Jack • Purdue Engagement Session

You might recognize Ali. She was just on the blog last week, as part of Laura and Nicholas’ wedding at Ross Ade Stadium. Ali is Nic’s sister, and she was one of Laura’s bridesmaids in the wedding. The two of them live in Detroit, so we’ve been working on this for awhile. They were going to be in town a few days early for other wedding festivities, so we decided that it would be a good time to make this happen!

I shoot at Purdue a couple of times each year, for sure. I usually have a couple of weddings, either at Ross Ade or in one of the Union Ballrooms. I also shoot a Purdue engagement session a few times throughout the year as well. As a photographer, this challenges me to try new things and find new ways to shoot the same things that I always shoot. I don’t think of it as a big deal if I capture a similar shot at the arch by Armstrong Hall that I shot for another couple a few months before. Landmarks are landmarks, and there are specific reasons that every couple wants a shot in front of a sign at their Alma Matter. That doesn’t mean that I want to make things cookie cutter and most of all, I want everything to be about the couple, and not the backdrop. It’s even more important to mix things up when you are shooting family members of a previous client. When I spoke to Ali on the phone the first time, she mentioned that she didn’t want these to be a copy of her brother’s pictures. I, of course, did not want that either. So, yes, we shot at the engineering fountain. We also shot at Armstrong, since Jack spent much of his time there while he was at Purdue. But we also explored a lot of campus that I haven’t shot at before. Logistically, it’s hard to cover all of campus, especially in heels, on a wedding day. So, I’m glad we took the time to do it here 🙂


Purdue_Engagement-Pictures-1Purdue Engagement SessionPurdue_Engagement-Pictures-7Purdue-Engagement-Session-BrenizerPurdue_Engagement-Pictures-16Purdue-Engineering-Fountain-EngagementPurdue-Engagement-Armstrong-HallPurdue_Engagement-Pictures-2Armstrong-Hall-Purdue-Engagement-SessionPurdue-Engagement-SessionPurdue_Engagement-Pictures-10Purdue_Engagement-Pictures-11Purdue Engagement SessionPurdue Engagement Sessioncouple's-portrait-purdue-universityOh yeah…then we went to Harry’s!Harry's-Purdue_EngagementHarry's-Chocolate-Shot-Engagment-PicturesA Purdue Engagement Session, West Lafayette, IN





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