Vendor Spotlight: Mammaw’s Sweet Shoppe

There are a couple of perks of being a wedding photographer. The first, is being able to wake up whenever I want Monday through Friday, having a cup of coffee and sauntering into the studio at whatever time that pleases me. Before this was my business, I had a job that required me to be at work at 6am, so this is not only a perk but a godsend! Getting invited to a party every Saturday and getting to sample amazing food and especially amazing cake is a perk that I doubt many other people experience in their chosen careers. I get to taste a lot of cake and sometimes it’s delicious and other times it is only o.k.

It’s kind of funny, I’ve never met Tina or Aaron Brown, the owners and culinary geniuses at Mammaw’s Sweet Shoppe. That being said, I’ve had their cake and cup cakes more times than I can recall and so I already know that I like them. I know nothing about baking though. When I make cookies, they come in a tube and I cut them out, slap them on a cookie tray and call it a day 🙂  I’m pretty sure that I’ve never baked a cake, unless licking the icing or cake bowl when I was a child counts. One of the things that I’ve really learned, as a regular taste tester, is that some cakes look amazing and others taste amazing.  It’s not as often that you find a cake that looks beautiful and when you take the first bite, it exceeds all expectations. I have no idea what kind of sugary magic that Mammaw’s uses, but it’s something special and I recommend them to all of my couples.

Tina also runs Christina Vail, a decor and event planning service, that makes color coordination from the cake table to the rest of the reception spot on.


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